How Is The Development Of The Fetus In Each Month Of Pregnancy?

The development of the fetus varies in each trimester of pregnancy. In the first trimester, from conception to 12 weeks of gestation, the main organs of the fetus are formed: heart, intestine, stomach … From the second trimester of pregnancy, between weeks 13 and 27, their organs go Maturing and becoming more complex. In the last trimester of pregnancy, between weeks 28 to 40, the baby is getting ready to be born. Discover here your pregnancy month by month!

Before most women know they are pregnant, the life of the embryo has already begun. This occurs after fertilization and once the embryo has been implanted in the uterus.

From What Date Is The Pregnancy Counted?

Most gynecologists account for the gestational age of the fetus according to the last rule of the woman. This means that the approximate 40 weeks of pregnancy will start counting from the first day of the last menstrual period.

Anatomists, by contrast, use the embryonic gestational age that counts the pregnancy from the moment of conception. When we talk about the development of the fetus month by month, we always refer to the gestational age according to the last rule.

How Long Does A Pregnancy Last?

Most pregnancies last between 38 and 42 weeks. If the baby is born before 37 weeks is said to be premature. On the other hand, if gestation is prolonged beyond week 42, it is referred to as late pregnancy or chronologically prolonged gestation.

Fetal Development And Pregnancy Month By Month:

The Development Of The Embryo In The First Month Of Pregnancy

At the end of the first month of pregnancy the legs and arms of the embryo begin to be drawn and the umbilical cord begins to form. The head is the most bulging extremity and is already guessed what in the future will be the spinal cord .

The Life Of The Embryo In The Second Month Of Pregnancy

In the second month of pregnancy, the eyes of the embryo are formed and the arms and legs begin to grow. The internal organs and the brain of the future baby are developing.

Fetal Development In The Third Month Of Pregnancy

In the third month of pregnancy the embryo is renamed fetus. This stage is known as fetal period, since the fetus begins to have human form.

Development Of The Fetus In The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

The amniotic fluid bag keeps the fetus protected from bumps and allows you to move freely, turn your head and stretch. The eyebrows and nose have already formed , and the hair on the head becomes thicker.

Development Of The Fetus In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the fetus weighs more than the placenta. It is the moment when your reflexes are put into operation. That is why, in addition to kicking and grabbing often, he begins to suck his finger.

The Development Of The Fetus In The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy

The skin of the fetus is wrinkled and reddish because the capillaries are transparent. He sleeps between 18 and 20 hours, but when he is awake (he still has his eyes closed) he has a lot of activity. The ear is perfected during this month and can distinguish the voice of the father.

The Development Of The Fetus In The Seventh Month Of Pregnancy

In the seventh month of pregnancy, the bony centers of the fetus begin to harden. The skin is no longer transparent to adopt an opaque tone. It also stops being wrinkled by the effects of the layer of fat that forms below the epidermis.

The Development Of The Fetus In The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

In the eighth month of pregnancy, the lanugo disappears from the face of the fetus. Her skin becomes rosy and smooth and has plump limbs. Usually, before the end of the month, the future baby is usually placed with the head down.

The Development Of The Fetus In The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

In the ninth month of pregnancy the fetus is able to distinguish through shadows the reflections of light that come from the outside and notice a glow when the light of the sun gives in the womb of its mother.

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