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Tips For Choosing A Good Wi-Fi Router

Yesterday I had to help a great friend to get a piece of technology that is becoming more and more common, even in the abstinent (abstinent technological) period that is touching live in this beautiful land.

My friend and I walked several stores looking for a wi-fi router to get their devices connected all day. And because of the number of questions he asked me, I realized that people have many doubts when choosing and selecting.

First: What we want

Powerful: The ideal is to invest a little more money and acquire a dual-band router, as these devices transmit wireless signals in the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands, independently or simultaneously. However, the additional cost we must invest to acquire a dual-band router is something we should evaluate, especially if we are building a home network. No such power is needed if we are going to connect the cell phone. Another important fact is that wireless phones work in the same 2.4 GHz band, so if we have a 5 GHz router we will prevent the phone from stealing power to the internet.

Make Sure: We must make sure that the router is compatible with the WPA2 parameters and not only with WPA. In no way should we opt for one that is only compatible with WEP, although the truth is that currently most routers support WPA2, but we must always be careful not to sell us what is not.

Make It Fast: We must make sure that the chosen router is compatible with Wireless-N (802.11n), because this way we can obtain faster transfer speeds. And even older devices can be connected. (Does anyone know if the palm is compatible with the wifi?).

Make It Versatile: if we can make our router have detachable antennas would be a plus, since we can buy omnidirectional antennas at another time to make the connection more powerful. Also, if you have more than four Ethernet cable ports, it would help a lot.

Second, What We Need

Before anything you have to verify if your computer has a wireless network card. This is all to say, but it is better to sin than careful to take it for granted. While devices bring Ethernet cable entries, the idea of ​​having a wireless router is simply to connect the computer to the “air”.

We must also ask a number of factors that weigh when buying, and that will make our lives easier. The first thing is to be clear the characteristics of our equipment, whether we have a tablet, a laptop and the cell phone or if the router is to connect to a small company with seven or eight machines …. And, above all, the internet connection we have. Are we going to play online and watch movies with online downloads? Or will we just use it to pass files or give it on Facebook to friends’ photos?

Another important factor is the distribution of walls. Ideally, you should buy a device that is powerful enough so that all the members of a home / office can connect without problems through the walls of the building or design the distribution of the network that will be installed, since we can use a repeater or Even a second router with the same features to make them all connected.

Lastly: What There Is

We realized in our tour that much of the supply of the stores of Caracas is currently based on the TP Link equipment of one or two antennas, since being cheaper in dollars allows entrepreneurs to manage a low cost and a decent profit.

What if they are good? Of course, they are very efficient pieces of technology that really are worth investing for, but we regret that there is no more variety in the products and that our decision power is based on which store we will buy or in the price (between 5 and 8 Thousand bolivars) and not in quality and brands.

Of course, today the TPLink would be a good first choice, but we also recommend practically all Linksys or Secutech equipment that are currently available everywhere. You can check for the expert reviews on Read all the reviews of top 10 routers so you can know how many types of wifi routers & which one you need for your place to get the fast speed of internet everywhere you go.