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How To Handle Floor Water Damage

There are a lot of factors that cause floor water damage. It may be because of your leaking refrigerator or to your faucet that was left opened. The floor is also susceptible to water damage after your pipe bursts or your home is flooded. Whatever the event may be, water has a negative effect on your floor as it has a tendency to stagnate at the lowest places and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that can harm your family.


Water is usually manifested by standing water on the floor, wet floor carpet, discolored grout lines, water marks or stains, crooked wooden floors and soft, spongy flooring material.

Cleanup, Repair And Restoration

If your floor is damaged by floods, the first thing you should do is to remove standing water to avert further damage. Remove the materials that cannot be recovered, dredging, and carpet padding. Drain off the floor and the subfloor (for wooden floors) from excess moisture by means of dehumidifiers, fans, and other drying devices. Does this before you begin to treat the floor against mold?

There are different methods for floor repair and restoration, each usually depends on your type of flooring. In case of carpeted floors, the carpet padding replaced. Reinstalling a new carpet if the old one is seriously damaged and repaired. The same also applies to water-damaged wood floor; remove hardwood tiles that were damaged and install new ones. Of damaged tiles, remove the stain by means of baking soda and water solution. But if the discoloration is so severe, it is best to call a tile professional who knows how to restore your tiles back to its former beauty. Usually, a tile is removed and replaced when cracked grout lines are executive orders.

For Best Results, Call For Professional Help

For damage caused by the storm, river overflow or sewer master, leakage, it would be better if you left the restoration work in the hands of remediation experts. Do not put your health at great risk. Cleaning and restoring your floor has been affected by loud been contaminated water can be hazardous to your health. Call a water damage restoration professional immediately and let them solve problems and restore your floor back to its previous state.

Extensive water damage, affecting a larger part of your home, you also need professional help. Since time is the essence of water damage, hiring the services of skilled, well-equipped and quick flood damage cleanup professionals will quickly dry your floor rid of these molds from surfaces, and disinfect your house to make it a more livable dwelling.