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Suitcases To Conceal Weapons Give Women Additional Security Options

Having the knowledge of how to carry your weapon safely is part of the responsibility for gun ownership. Although carrying your gun to your person is certainly the best option, it is not always realistic for some women. Another option that is certainly worth considering comes in the form of handbags concealing weapons.

You should already be aware of the importance of becoming familiar with your firearm. So you can handle it safely, you must be accustomed to the weight, size, kick and sound of your weapon. When you invest in a new holster or bag, or decide to try a different transport position, you should also spend a good amount of time practicing how to draw your weapon. Taking the position of the zipper and the length of the straps into account, practice recovering, storing and firing your gun, to ensure that if you need to use it in your defense, you will be able to do it quickly and confidently.

One of the things many women like about handbags for concealment of weapons is that they come with a special pocket specifically designed to hold a gun. With the right design, a bag with a holster compartment can make access quick and easy. Keep in mind that this introduces an additional risk if you have children or if you have the habit of misplacing or forgetting your purses.

The bag or bag that you would like to invest in must be made of quality materials. Cutting corners when guns are involved is never a good idea, so raise your standards to avoid poor quality bags. Some have high quality zippers on both sides of the bag to make recovery easy, regardless of which hand is your dominant. In addition, you may want to invest in a bag that uses velcro or lace inside the compartment to keep your holster right where you want it.

In addition to the function, many women really like handbags and purses as an option to carry as they come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. If you like large purses, or smaller bags that you can put across your shoulder, it is possible to choose a bag that looks good without sacrificing safety and accessibility.

When it comes to clever weapon concealment, it is good to have options. You need to choose the method that works best for you in every situation, and when you can not carry your person, gun concealment bags may be the next best choice. By carefully selecting the bag you use to carry your firearm, and putting it back in time to be completely comfortable with it, you can expect to react properly in case of need to defend yourself. That said, I do have a favorite out of these holsters above. My favorite pick is going to be the universal concealed carry holster. Others may differ and pick a different holster with some more frills and features, but I do like this holster.