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Tips For Professionals: How To Decorate A Small Department?

Having a small department does not mean that your design should be neglected. One of our designers once said, “If your partner comes into your house and finds it sloppy, messy and messy, do not cry when you wonder why you’re alone!” Wise words.

The point is that, regardless of its size, great design can transform anything! We have put together some practical and smart tips that can help in renovating your homed├ęcor and to make the best use of the spaces of your home.

1. Separate In Different Spaces.

When you enter an apartment that looks and feels like a bedroom, it makes it difficult for guests to feel comfortable. If you live in a studio you can use shelves or even a screen to differentiate between the bedroom area and the living room. Even by turning the back of the sofa to the bed you can create two different spaces.

Carpets are a quick and accessible way to distinguish between “rooms”. Have a rug in your living room, one for the office and another for the bedroom. The cushions can match their respective carpets to fuse the room.

2. Lighten The Place.

In a small space light can play an essential role, making it feel well lit and larger than it is. If you have a lot of natural light, do not hesitate to use it. Use transparent curtains, so that even when closed, sunlight is filtered without compromising your privacy. Also the furniture with high gloss and paint are good tricks that bounce the light around the room.

You really can not go wrong with white walls. They create a bright, clean and relaxed room instantly and make the ceilings look taller. White furniture can give a similar perception, but sometimes the whole white room can be a bit sterile.

3. Consider Plants.

Anyone can find some kind of green nook to brighten a small room. Plants girls on floating shelves or a large fiddle vine leaf in the corner add charm and healthy glow to a home.

4. Intelligent Storage And Organization.

Clutter will make any room look smaller and feel less comfortable. Keep things organized with furniture that includes storage spaces. There are coffee tables or beds that contain drawers and are wonderfully practical (and they can be attractive too). It uses shelves to divide the room since they are also useful as a place to store small objects.

If you do not have room for a table, move things to the wall. Cork boards are a great way to keep photos and documentation organized. If you have horizontal surfaces that you can not keep clean, try some nice trays or boxes.