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Professional Cleaning Of Carpets At Home

Did you know that dry cleaning of carpets should be done at least twice a year? Of course, you know. But independently perform such work is almost impossible, so the carpet owners limited processing normal household cleaner or detergent, purchased at a nearby store. Needless to say that the results of the efforts are not too impressive?

The company “Oh, pure!” Offers to clean carpets at home. The best carpet cleaner will save you from the hassles that are associated with dirt, deeply entrenched in the pile and based coating, and return the original carpet appeal.

Carpet cleaning at home will not undermine your budget – the service is provided by our specialists in at a reasonable price.

Steps Dry Cleaning And Home Cleaning Carpets

To effectively get rid of the dirt, the need for careful implementation of all phases of professional carpet treatment, including:

  • deep preliminary dry cleaning products;
  • applying a special foam, which is capable of absorbing grime;
  • shampunirovanie, during which dirt is separated from the fiber coating;
  • removal of dirt together with foam;
  • determination of the nature of complex soils and stains, removing them special means;
  • neutralizing detergents, moisture and dirt collection;
  • lifting and combing cloth.

Cleaning home carpet includes, most commonly, these activities, but sometimes it takes a more serious treatment. In this case, you may need to export to the shop.

The Main List Of Dry Cleaning At Home Carpet Service

  • We offer the following services for cleaning carpets to its customers:
  • dry cleaning at home carpets (including cleaning of carpets, carpet paths);
  • dry cleaning carpets with the export of the shop;
  • carpet cleaning and carpet in the office;
  • delicate cleaning of natural silk and wool carpets;
  • dry cleaning upholstered furniture.

An Additional Range Of Services Of Dry Cleaning Of Carpets

Dry cleaning of carpets at home involves the removal including particularly stubborn stains and eliminate odors. The same operations can be inexpensively for upholstered furniture, which also periodically requires professional treatment.

In addition, we are ready to offer you a general cleaning and maintenance, cleaning with a steam cleaner, disinfestation, and disinfection of premises.

The Technological Process Of Cleaning Carpets And Carpeting

Dry cleaning of carpets at home – a structured and rather complicated process when it comes to cleaning carpets, synthetic carpets, carpet factory production: first, they are treated with a powerful vacuum cleaner, removing surface dirt. Further, the course is a specialized shampoo, rises to the surface of the carpet dirt particles. The powerful extractor on the next stage removes any remaining dirt. The carpet is cleaned inside and outside, acquiring former appearance: attractive and fresh.

Natural carpets require more care and attention, as well as the sparing use of resources. Depending on the composition of such coatings cleaned manually or in a dry mode.