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Advantages Of Thermal Insulation By Projected Polyurethane Foam

The thermal insulation of a dwelling is a stage of construction that can quickly prove costly. However, to ensure better performance over time and to meet technical standards, it is recommended to opt for the best materials.

The polyurethane foam is the best thermal insulation, it adapts to the floors but also to the roofs and the interior walls. It guarantees Water tightness both in air and water while protecting it from fire. All this saves money.

What Is The Use Of Insulation?

In a dwelling when we speak of insulation it can be thermal (temperature) or acoustic / sound (noise).

Improve Interior Comfort

The thermal insulation aims to improve the comfort felt inside the house by allowing to control the temperature of each room. Thus, it is modular according to the heating / air conditioning system, but also the choice of windows and especially the material chosen for the insulation of the walls, the roof and also the floors.

Some materials also act as sound insulation as is the case with the projected polyurethane foam.

Saving On Invoices

Regardless of the temperature control system chosen, good insulation saves energy bills. Indeed, choosing the insulating material will make it simpler to control the energy consumption for both heating and cooling.

The Projected Polyurethane Foam

Here is some additional information about this material that is currently the best insulation on the market at many levels.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

The projected polyurethane foam is the best insulation per centimeter of foam thickness. That is, the microbubbles of air of which it is constituted prevent the cold from returning. And in the opposite direction, they will keep the heat inside. Thus, this thermal insulation technique provides an optimized efficiency which adapts as a function of the space to be heated.

Some Figures To Better Understand

In practice, here is some information about its insulating power. The insulation value of the projected polyurethane foam is 0.025 and 0.027 W / m2K. Compared to other materials, these values are higher. This means that the other insulators are more permeable to changes in temperature but also to noise.


Another advantage of this insulation is its liquid texture. Indeed, the foam makes it possible to fill the smallest cracks to make the whole surface waterproof again. In addition, it takes only a few minutes for the expansive foam to settle and swell to settle and harden, perfectly filling the crack with a smooth and flat finish.There will, therefore, be no heat loss through interstices or small openings passed unnoticed.

Environment-Friendly Material

Unlike other materials, polyurethane foam does not contain any toxic elements. Indeed, it is odorless and contains no volatile organic compounds which means that it is rated A + on VOC certification. Moreover, it does not generate micro particles in suspension and therefore is not polluting.

A Very Resistant Material

From the state of foam, this material quickly becomes a firm and unbreakable block. This fixed mass avoids any risk of compaction or slip and is rot-proof.

Capital Gain On Sale

These ecological benefits go in the direction of green growth and guarantee savings in energy and money. These two points will be very important when estimating your property for a possible sale.

Indeed, the purchaser is entitled to request a DPE (diagnosis of energy performance) of your property.

Financial Benefits

Beyond energy savings on heating, the projected polyurethane foam allows other significant savings.

A Fast Work Site

Choosing the thermal insulation by projected polyurethane foam requires little labor. Indeed, this process applies in a single pass thanks to a specific machine. The workers project the foam which hardens very quickly without requiring additional drying time. In general, one day is enough to be able to arrange the place. A saving of time on the job site avoids delays and allows to lower the final invoice.

Premiums And VAT Reduction

Professional Spray Foam Company gives you access to attractive tax credits to finance your work (renovation or new construction). They will also allow you to benefit from a reduced VAT rate and to give you access to certain premiums according to the provisions of the city / region where the construction project is to be implemented. Choosing the thermal insulation of a project by the projected polyurethane foam ensures its durability over time. An eco-friendly material that allows you to save on invoices while consuming intelligently.