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Stairlift For Narrow Stairs

Most of the homes these days have narrow stairs. These homes are low-cost buy as well as if taken on rent, they cost less than the grand old houses. However, for people with some form of physical disability that doesn’t allow them to be fully mobile; narrow stairs are an added problem. In such a case, many wonder if there are stairlifts for narrow stairs and what would they cost; and other related details.

What Is The Issue With Narrow Stairs?

First, it would be best to comprehend the components of the stairlift meant for narrow stairs and its installation procedures. The most common factor among all stairlifts is their stairlift foundation. It is what takes most of the weight, and hence, it has to be done carefully.

On narrow stairs, there are not much gap between the wall or banister and the user on the stairlift seat. A stairlift that has a platform to it for mobility is impractical to install because it needs more space. Here the major issue is that most stairlift models fit onto the floor and do not do well on the stair’s wall. Though, exceptions are always there.


It is vital to know that the rail is never a matter of concern here, but a thinner chair that would fit the gap conveniently; is certainly the issue. This thinner chair is known mostly as perch seat. Most of these slim seat designs come equipped with two safety bars as well safety belt. Thus, minimizing any chance of falling off the seat; onto the stairs while moving. It is fitted primarily to the stairs which are clearly narrower than regular or traditional stairs. This seat can be neatly folded after the use, so it occupies less space than an open seat.

Now, this type of seat is favored by most of the installation workers, because it has the edge over the others. Few vital aspects should not be neglected when contemplating the stairlifts for narrow stairs. These are also the advantages.

  • While measuring the stairs for determining the gap between the banister and user, it will be best to consider an important thing. The width of banister and user is not at all denoted by ‘width of seat’ but by the convenient gap between the person and the railing.
  • Almost all the slim stairlifts meant for narrow stairs have typically similar attributes, while they also have safety belt as a standard fitting. Though there can be an exception, here; but going with ‘common’ will be best.

  • Most of the models come with backrest and padded seat. Safety handrail that is a built-in feature, while folding arms could be a standard fitting.

In short, a majority of these stairlifts for narrow stairs do not disturb people using the stairs in the usual manner. The space that stairlift foundation takes doesn’t make much hassle either. However, checking the different models available in the market, meant for narrow stairs is highly recommended. For more details on stairlift get a quote from cains mobility and buy the best stairlift for your comfort at low prices.