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Which Mulch To Choose?

What Is A Mulch?

A mulch is a more or less thick layer of materials spread out on the ground that have great utility in the garden. Mulch limits evaporation and keeps the soil cool longer, thus sparing the watering operations. It protects the roots from the cold, blocks the growth of unwanted herbs, limits erosion and can have an aesthetic function.

The Various Materials

The mulch can be made up of various materials depending on its function or the desired effect:

Plant Mulch

Consisting of organic materials recovered in the garden (straw, mowing residues, dead leaves, BRF …) this mulch makes it possible to recycle its waste and costs nothing to the gardener. By decomposing, it produces a fertile humus that will nourish the plants and energize the life present in the soil. It should be used in a layer of at least 20 cm to be effective against weeds and will be renewed quite often.

The “flakes” of all kinds (linen, hemp, cereals …) are mulch consisting of ground stalks of plants that serve as good barriers against gastropods.

There are other plant mulches such as pine bark, which are used at the foot of rose bushes or acidophilous plants (rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas …) because they acidify the soil somewhat. This mulch lasts several years, as is the one made of cocoa shells which is ornamental but a little more expensive.

Canvas Or Film Mulch

Well known to strawberry growers, the black plastic film effectively covers the surface, preventing the growth of weeds while warming the soil. Economical enough to buy, its life span is several years, but this mulch is not really a solution of the most ecological!

Woven fabrics are preferred because they are biodegradable over the long term. In linen fiber, jute, coco, they allow to cover the soil durably without disturbing the life of this one because they allow the water and the air to pass.

The Mineral Mulch

Durable, the mineral mulch does not decompose in the soil. It is very used in decoration to create contrasts or atmospheres (zen garden, rockery, design …). Small white pebbles, crushed slate, or pozzolana will each bring their specific shade and a different effect adaptable to the decor.

Mineral mulch also has another utility that is not necessarily thought of: it preserves and restores heat, which is ideal in rock gardens of cacti or plants that particularly heat. This type of mulching also protects the crown of fragile plants from decay.

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