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Top Ten Android Apps To Watch And Download Videos

Some say that televisions are endangered animals. And although some think it is better to see Angelina Jolie or Tyrion Lannister on the big screen, the truth is that the multitude of applications that already exist to watch videos favors the more impatient to choose to see anything as soon as possible, At work break, or in the toilet. To help you choose the right application, we show you this list with the ten best Android applications to watch videos , with apps like Youtube, Google Play Movies, Free Movies, Real Player, BSPlayer Free, VLC, Dailymotion Video Streaming, Mobo Video Player Pro , Vevo, and MX Player.


The truth is that there is little to say about the application and the web number one in terms of video playback . From the latest music videos in high resolution to the video of the dog that runs in his dreams and ends up sticking a trompazo against the wall, Youtube has a multitude of videos and channels to choose from. And if you are the most creative, create your own channel and show the world with your creations.

Google Play Movies

Google giant has created its own online video store , and with Google Play Movies you can rent movies and series, including current releases, among the thousands of titles available in its database. You can view them by “streaming” or you can download them in case you are going to be disconnected from the internet (for example, if you are going to travel by air fourteen hours to Kathmandu).

Newest Movies HD ios

Newest movies hd ios is an application that feeds on content offered in open on the net in different web pages and adapting them to Android devices , with which you have the opportunity to watch movies, concerts, series and documentaries with a good quality and also a quality Optimal.

Newest movies hd ios is one of the best video players we can find, an application that comes from its older brother, the software that was developed as a player for computers. It has a great video acceleration engine that will make you see your files practically uncut, and in addition its latest update is specially developed to maximize its compatibility with Jelly Bean . It supports virtually all video and audio formats.


RealPlayer is one of the most popular multimedia players to see all your photos and videos on your device and listen to music with great quality, with graphics optimized for high resolution devices. Among its functions we find the possibility to create playlists, widgets for the home screen, playback control with the locked phone, among others.


We could consider it the main competition of BSPlayer in terms of Android applications, just as it happens in the field of PCs. VLC is a player focused on giving the highest quality audiovisual files you have on your device, but also has an update to watch videos by “streaming”. As with its competitor, this application allows you to upload subtitle files and choose the audio language track.

 Dailymotion Video Streaming

Dailymotion Video Streaming offers you a good amount of user channels and playlists , both from official channels and from private users. This application will keep you up to date on new videos on your favorite channels – movies, music, sports, etc. – so you do not miss anything that interests you , and you can share them on social networks like Facebook or Twitter .

Mobo Video Player Pro

Another of the best known video players for Android . Plays all the most common formats, including MKV with subtitles. As a curiosity, say that Mobo Video Player Pro allows you to hide videos inside your device. If you have some content that you do not want anyone to see (namely, something like a movie where the interpretive qualities matter little, or a recording of yours that day that seemed great to record you singing in the shower), you can hide it thanks to this application . Only you can find it.

MX Player

MX Player is a powerful video decoder that has become by its own merits in one of the great and the most downloaded. Technically it is very successful, allowing the location of the playback screen to your liking on your device, as well as the displacement of the subtitles to locate them where it is easier to view them. In addition, it offers the possibility to pinch zoom and parental control so that your children do not access undue content.


Vevo is an application that will surely ring you because you have seen your Youtube channel when it comes to watching music videos . It can almost be considered the official channel of the stars, and they have more than 50,000 music videos and more than 11,000 artists. If you want to be aware of the latest music videos, this is your application.