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Martial Arts. The True Nature

If martial arts are actually not “fighting”, even if to compare them with each other does not make sense, what could be the use of them in today’s society? “

Martial arts have attracted the attention of Western culture in the 1960s. Japan, followed by the Chinese and movies depicting the heroic soldiers, captured the imagination of western people and gave rise to a boom of new role models of heroism and strength. Boom that easily overcome all cultural boundaries. Akira Kurosawa and his epic paintings, Toshiro Mifune and his acting game – everything has turned into a cult.

Residents of the West crowds rushed to learn Japanese, Chinese, Korean martial arts. Schools were opened everywhere. For a while, success breeds success, and martial arts experts in martial arts, became a favorite media. Today, after decades of attention, martial arts are institutionalized and have lost some of its former appeal. Some critics have concluded that we have entered the era of BI decline.

Whose Kung Fu Is Stronger?

When people start talking about BI values ​​for modern society, almost always slips into the debate the question of what kind of martial arts more. Themed magazines and online forums are full of articles and discussions on what the master of the art of win in a hypothetical match. I admit such comparisons – transfusion from a sieve, because all fictitious scenario designed to test the martial arts for the superiority of one over the other, characterized by artificiality and usually take the form of a competitive match. The only comparison that we can assume with some measure of security – a comparison in the techniques of unarmed opponents. And even in this case, the difference between fighters of different height and weight will require taking into account the weight categories and certain rules for the alignment of conditions. All of this can be seen in judo, boxing, wrestling, MMA of various tournaments like the UFC. Obviously, the larger the opponent has a distinct advantage over a smaller (at least statistically).

Why Martial Arts Is Actually Not “Fighting”

Budo form, which appeared in the XIX century, in fact – discipline based on a formalized training program developed for the civil population. Although many schools claim that faithfully follows the traditions of the military class earlier times. Some of these styles were practiced in aristocratic circles as a form of self-development in their spare time other concerns. Other styles marginalized samurai moved from the lower classes, who have seen for themselves the possibility of additional earnings. They taught at the dojo for the inhabitants of the area or right at home. Their disciples were common people, representatives of the emerging middle class. Numerous styles of jujutsu and kenjutsu, survived to our days, belong to this category. Thus, all of these martial arts are very far from the combat systems developed by samurai in the earlier period, since they were invented in peacetime.

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