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4 Places For The Installation of Accessible Elevators

The elevators are a near, simple and accessible solution for all those who need to move, whether in community or single-family homes, shopping centers or industries and have reduced mobility. There are several types of elevators that adapt to the space and the aesthetics of the place, with hardly any demands for its maintenance and at a low cost.

At Modular Elevator Manufacturing, we have the best professionals so that the installation is simple and fast, we offer a quality service, with the maximum guarantees of safety and durability. Here are 4 places for the installation of accessible elevators :

1. Single-Family Homes

Our goal is to install lifts that adapt to the needs of each home with design structures that harmonize the interior of the home. We offer a wide catalog, such as pneumatic or hydraulic elevators. In addition, we study the layout of your house to establish the best place to install the elevator and that you can easily move between several floors.

It also asks about the installation of lifting platforms for disabled people, stair lifts chairs or vertical elevators to make your home more accessible in case you need to transport people in a wheelchair or with mobility problems.

2. Community Housing

If you are looking to adapt your home to people with disabilities, or improve the accessibility of the building for people with difficulties in general, we advise you to visit our installation services lift platforms for disabled people, among other services we offer:

  • In Facade:

We can adapt to the aesthetics of each facade so as not to out of tune with the environment and give the best solution to the needs of each building. The installation of this type of lifts is easier every day with the aim of improving the accessibility of the neighbors, reducing the formal reach to process the requests and specifying the particular conditions.

  • In The Stairwell:

Our elevator facilities through the stairwell are notable for their finishes and trim that make the elevator fully integrate with the aesthetics of the staircase. In this way, it seems that the building had always had an elevator. These types of elevators were designed for the incorporation of these in a building that needs reforms like to install the conventional elevators.

3. Private Companies

‘Good accessibility is one that exists, but that goes unnoticed by most users’. All the entrepreneurs, technicians and people involved in the environment that surrounds us and where we live must make a design that is everyone’s , an accessible design that improves the quality of life for everyone, including accessible elevators in their facilities.

4. Public Buildings

We have a wide range of products to facilitate the removal of architectural barriers, both platforms and stair-lift chairs for straight or curved sections. We offer free advice for the installation of accessible lifts and inform of the characteristics of each one of them, in addition, we propose the most appropriate one depending on the infrastructure of the building.