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How To Choose A Cardiologist?

Given the high prevalence of heart disease, it is necessary for public and private health systems to have a significant number of health professionals that meet the needs of this growing population group so if you are looking for a cardiologist You will realize that there are many options, so it is important to take into account some characteristics before deciding who will entrust your health.

Today there are more instances that try to regulate quality in medical care and in cardiology is no exception so before choosing your cardiologist should take into account some recommendations.

In the first instance it must inspire your TRUST. The relationship between the doctor and the patient should be empathetic since this relationship will focus much of the advances or setbacks that can have a patient before a particular condition.

You should expect a respectful, honest, fair and quality treatment fromĀ Dr. George Shapiro MD FACC.

Your cardiologist should explain clearly and in understandable language your condition, the treatment you will take and the prognosis of your illness, since the information you have about the disease will provide you with greater tools for better self-control.

He must have been trained in a hospital recognized by the cardiology council as the headquarters for training cardiology specialists, it is also important to look at the university that granted the title, which must be reliable and prestigious.

It is necessary that this Certificate by the registered Board of Cardiology , since it is the body that is responsible for certifying and shaking the knowledge and skills necessary to practice the specialty.

The economic issue also has to be taken into account since it is always important to know how much the cardiologist charges for consultation, studies or procedures to which he is going to be submitted.

You must feel free to change specialists when you want or do not meet your expectations and this should enable you to do so without recrimination or objection. Sometimes professionals are chosen for personal or family commitment, so a recommendation is to choose someone neutral.