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What Should You NOT Do If You Are Involved In An Automobile Accident?

As Well As There Is A List Of Things To Do, There Is Also A List Of What NOT To Do If You Are Involved In An Automobile Accident:

  1. NEVER admit the guilt of the accident to any person, especially a police officer or auto insurance adjuster. This includes any driver of the other vehicles involved in the accident. If your case goes to litigation, the witnesses, including those who were driving the other vehicles, will be questioned about what you said immediately, before, during and after the accident happened. The other party could use these statements against you.

  1. DO NOT argue with other drivers or passengers who have been involved in the accident.
  2. DO NOT sign any statement accepting guilt or promising to pay for damages or injuries as a result of the accident.
  3. DO NOT sign any document to the other party involved in the accident, especially if the other party offers to pay you any compensation including the deductible of your auto insurance, by doing so you could limit or completely eliminate the obligation of the party responsible for paying For all damages occurred in the accident.

  1. DO NOT report or report the accident to any insurance company, including you, the adjuster assigned to your case because you could record your statement of the facts by asking questions that might undermine your claim, or even reject it altogether. Insurance companies know very well that if you talk to an adjuster, making statements could make mistakes, which could make it difficult or even impossible for a lawyer to take your case.
  2. DO NOT try to reach an agreement, without legal representation. Remember that insurance companies, even your own, only care about saving money to the maximum. The main goal of insurance companies is to reach an immediate agreement at the lowest cost. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you do not accept any offer or agreement before talking to an attorney.Attorneys Owen, Patterson, and Owen, expert  personal injury accident lawyers with many Million dollar results provide free consultations.