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Tips On Buying Affordable Electric Bicycles

If you want to spend as little money as possible, we recommend that you choose economical electric bikes like the Stretch electric bicycle  that integrates a height adjustable saddle, intelligent accelerator speed control and LED front and rear lights for an incredible price .

Similarly , the folding electric bike ONWAY  is also a good model of economical electric bike. It works thanks to a 250W brushless motor and is foldable so you can carry it easily.

Simple & Cheap Electric Bicycles

In the market, you will also find simple and cheap electric bikes such as the B10207 electric bicycle   that stands out for its unique design and reaches a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Or the electric bicycle ONE TO , which operates with an electric motor with a power of 350W, integrates double disc brake and is able to withstand a maximum load of up to 120 kilos.

Powerful Electric Bicycles

And of course, if you want to have one of the best electric bikes on the market that stands out for its power, bet on  the best electric bicycle Weixin  that circulates at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour, provides five Shimano speeds and has a 48V battery With a range of 60 kilometers, front and rear disc brakes and 26-inch tires, being one of the most complete electric bikes.

Another equally powerful model is the Raleigh Ashford S11 electric bike  that runs on a 250W engine and reaches a speed of 48 kilometers per hour with a range of 100 kilometers. It has been specially designed for women and boasts a frame height of 45 cm.

Batteries & Charging

Lithium batteries are the most used to power electric bicycles. It is important to calculate the battery capacity, which is measured in watts hour or ampere-hours, before buying an electric bicycle and verify that it has been manufactured by a reputable brand such as Sony, Panasonic or Samsung.

Also, it is necessary to know the time of the recharge of the battery, although, as a rule, the batteries of electric bicycles are charged in less than 6 hours by plugging them directly into the power, just as we do to charge our mobile phone .


The autonomy of an electric bicycle is one of the aspects that most influences the final price of electric bicycles. There are models capable of reaching distances of more than 50 or 60 km with a single charge, but they operate with heavy and expensive batteries.

In this sense, we must ask about the number of kilometers that we are going to travel each day, because if we are just going to travel 15 or 20 km, it is not very profitable to pay the extra cost.

Material With Which It Is Made

If you are going to use your electric bicycle as a means of urban transport, it is advisable to pay attention to the type of material with which it has been made because it can increase the weight of your vehicle.

Thus, the lighter material is carbon, although it is also the most expensive. The usual is to use aluminum combined with other materials. Try to buy a light electric bicycle that does not exceed 20 kilograms.The intensity level of assisted pedaling

Depending on your needs, you will have to choose an intensity level of assisted or other pedaling. If your goal is to move to work or university with minimal effort, not to get sweaty or because you have health problems, a good option is to opt for an electric bicycle with a HUB type motor such as the  Addmotor H2 Pedalec in That the aid does not depend on the intensity of the force but the level of assistance that you apply to the engine.