5 Easy Habits To Lose Weight

How to change our lifestyle in a sustainable way to lose weight? Here are 10 easy to adapt to get there!

1 – Do You Make Reasonable Goals

There is no point in wanting to lose 5 kilos in record time and then picking them up almost as fast because you’re back to your old habits as soon as your goal is reached. It is really better (and rewarding) to stick to a regular loss even if it is longer in time.

It is also recommended not to weigh yourself every day: choose one morning per week and note your progress in a logbook. Even if several people choose Monday as “weighing day”, one trick is to opt for Friday: you will avoid seeing on the scale the little excesses that are sometimes made on the weekend …

In addition, rather than seeing the “mountain” of weight to lose, proceed in stages, giving yourself a small reward after each victory. For example, say, “Every time I show 4 pounds less, I get a massage or a pedicure. “

2 – Find Support For Your Loved Ones

The best way to keep your good resolutions over time is to not feel alone in your approach. Do not hesitate to talk about your intentions to “get in shape” to your family, spouse, family, etc. For example, if your sweetheart knows that you love chocolate bars and brings them back after every trip to the convenience store, you could ask him to restrain his generosity, or to direct him otherwise!

3 – Rid Your House of Temptations

Do candies, ice creams, cookies, candy bars and other packets of potato chips make you look in the pantry (or freezer)? It might be good to clean your closets a bit. There is no question of eliminating these foods from your life forever, but this simple action will avoid you to throw on high caloric foods at the least stress (and we do it all!) The next time you want to taste one of these little pleasures, you will take the time to anticipate it, and you will fully enjoy your share of cake!

4 – Stay Hydrated

Often, we think that we are hungry when we are actually thirsty! Nutritionists recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid each day. And by liquid, we mean water, of course, because it’s always the best drink. If you can not bring yourself to drink only “flat” water, choose other non-caloric beverages: tea and herbal teas (sugar-free), mineral and flavored water, diet soda pop, and so on. Or testing the infused water! Avoid consuming too much fruit juice (even juices made from 100% fruit contain a lot of sugar), liqueurs and alcohols.

5 – Prepare The Same Meal For The Whole Family

Very often, what makes us abandon our resolutions very quickly, is to see in the plates of loved one’s foods that we dream and forbid. We say “a handful of french fries, it’s not that bad”, “a piece of chocolate cake, just today”, and before we have the time to realize it, the new habits are engulfed faster than the foods in question!

We just said it: do not go on a diet! So your new way of eating can be suitable for the whole family: fruits and vegetables, lean meats and dairy products, whole grains, etc. Do not think that your children will lack nutrients if they eat like you. On the contrary, they will learn how to eat well for all their lives. If it seems necessary, you can “adjust” their meals as needed with milk or larger portions of cereals, but the menu will be the same for everyone! Visit our¬†official website at¬†Kingslynn to check latest updates about weight loss.

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